You Are the Boss: Thinking for Yourself

by | Dec 6, 2010 | Mindset

you are the boss
When you own a business, you are the boss. You make the decisions about your business … not someone else.

Often, when I’m working with clients, I find them asking me what to do in such a way that I can tell they are attempting to give me power over their business. As a coach and consultant, it is not my place to make business decisions for you. I am there to advise.

And I can hear the frustration in their voices when I make them make their own decisions. But, although I know what I think they should do, I also make it a point to honor and respect their business sovereignty.

Remember, you are the business owner … you are the boss … you make the decisions.

When you have a business mindset, you understand this. Although you may ask advice from coaches, consultants and mentors, you take responsibility for the decisions you make in your business.

That is a key part of having a business mindset … taking responsibility for your decisions and thinking for yourself.

Business owners are independent thinkers. So, as you cultivate your business mindset

  • Think for yourself
  • Take responsibility for your decisions
  • Take the opinions of other under advisement … not as orders


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