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January 31, 2024

Episode 81: 5 Misbeliefs to Shatter for Writing Success

Chuck These Ideas to the Curb if You Want to Succeed


Do you want to be successful in writing your book? Then you’ll need to chuck these 5 false beliefs to the curb. Stay to the end to learn of three well-known author examples!

Key Takeaways

  • Misbelief 1. You Need to Write When Inspired
  • Misbelief 2. Writing Should Always Flow Easily
  • Misbelief 3. I Can’t Write Because I’m Not an Expert
  • Misbelief 4. There’s a “Right” Way to Write
  • Misbelief 5. Good Writing Must Be Universally Praised

Summary of 5 Misbeliefs to Shatter for Writing Success:

In this episode of Coffee with Carma, Carma Spence debunks five common misbeliefs that can hinder your writing success. Whether it’s waiting for inspiration to strike or believing that good writing must flow easily, Carma tackles these myths with more than 30 years of writing experience and a dose of practical wisdom. This episode will not only challenge your existing notions but also empower you with the confidence to write effectively, regardless of the circumstances. Perfect for entrepreneurs eager to enhance their writing skills and productivity!

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