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This is the second installment of my journey through Soul Dancer’s free Pay Me What I’m Worth course sampler. If you missed any shows, its all good! Click here to access the entire series.

Video Response

NOTE: The video content is separate and different from the audio/text content.


Chapter One: Who’s Worth It

In the first class and chapter of Pay Me What I’m Worth, we explore material possessions and how they affect perception of worth — our own and that of others.

There are those who value possessions for what these things say about them, and those who value possessions for what those objects say to them. Often we have valued objects that represent a little of both.

To find out how possessions affect the readers’ self worth, Soul asks us to go on a treasure hunt and collect our valued possessions. He also requests we document the thoughts that each of those valued possessions bring up. You’ll find a short gallery (only 35 items) of my valued possessions and the thoughts around them below.

I only did a cursory exploration, for I plan to go deeper during the actual course I invite you to join me in later this summer. However, even this short 20-minute trip through my home was telling to me. In fact, if you watch the accompanying video, you’ll see how emotional I got about some of my treasured objects.

What I found was this: Many of my valued objects are rather old. They are items I’ve collected during my travels or I inherited from loved ones or were expressions of creativity from people I care about. In fact, I discovered that every valued object had a story that went with it and it was that story I valued more than the object itself.

What this tells me about me is that I value relationships and I value history and the stories from my life. This makes sense since I am a writer and teller of stories.

But how does this all affect my worth?

I’m not quite sure. For me, it think it says more about my character than my value. Then again, character brings its own value to the table now, doesn’t it?

I look forward to diving more deeply into this chapter’s work along with the intrepid few who join me in the class, which will be facilitated by the author, Soul Dancer. For links to the classes and to learn more about how you can join me on a 12-month dive into owning your worth and increasing your confidence, go to bitly.com/payspence.

Join me!

Carma’s Treasured Items

Here are just a few of the treasured items I found when I took my camera around my home. Do you see the same pattern emerging that I did?

Click on the image to see the full picture.

Explore Your Worth and Become the Master of Your Life

I’m now accepting applications for the next Pay Me What I’m Worth group, which is 12 payments of $149, paid monthly. Learn more and register today at bitly.com/payspence! Together with author of Pay Me What I’m Worth Soul Dancer, we’ll take a 12-month dive into owning your worth and increasing your confidence.

Remember, not everyone will be accepted into the course. You must schedule an exploratory session with me first to determine if you are a good fit for this group at this time.

Join me!

Are you are wondering what this 12-month class can do for you? Listen to what previous students have had to say about Soul’s Pay Me What I’m Worth Master Class.

Anna Banguilan on Performance-Based Contracts (1:50):

Elaine O’Malley on increased confidence in her business (0:43):

Stuart Young on uncovering more confidence than he thought possible (1:59):

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  1. Soul

    Aloha Carma,

    Excellent start! In class, we dive into how your question “But how does this all affect my worth?” in ways that open-up the gift of perspective. For example, how to navigate emotions related to people and memories. I look forward to seeing you in class!

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