Which Is the Most Important Type of Website?

by | Jun 17, 2009 | Marketing & Selling

There are four types of website:

  • The Branding Site
  • The Sales Letter
  • A Blog
  • The Squeeze Page

According to Matt Bacak, one of the speakers at Market Your Way to Wealth in April, the Squeeze Page is the most important. Because this is the type of page that builds your list.

A squeeze page is a simple but powerful type of website. At it’s most basic it is just one web page tied to an autoresponder. A squeeze page’s sole purpose is to get visitors to provide you with their name and email address.

Matt shared with us his three step process for setting up a squeeze page:

1. Buy a domain and hosting account.
In an ideal world, you’ll want it to be a UNIX or Linux server with your own unique IP address. (That basically means you’re not sharing an IP address with others, who just might turn out to be spammers and get your website banned along with theirs.)

2. Get an autoresponder.
A basic autoresponder is something like your “I’m on vacation” email. This is not the type he’s talking about. He’s talking about smart autoresponder, and there are three kinds:

  • Software that runs off your computer.
  • A third party host, usually with a web interface.
  • Software that runs off your server.

Matt — and I — don’t recommend the first. There are too many ways you can run into trouble with a computer-based autoresponder.

Matt doesn’t recommend the second, either, for you can be at the mercy of the third party’s rules. However, I think this is a good way to go for most people. I use Aweber and am really happy with their service.

The best option is to install an autoresponder service that works off your server … but only if you have your own IP address. This protects you from all the pitfalls of the first two options. However, this option is usually the most expensive in the short run.

3. Set up a squeeze page.
Your squeeze page should be simple. It only needs to have a headline, some copy that sells visitors on filling out the opt-in form, and the opt-in form.


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