What will your legacy be?

by | Aug 1, 2011 | Mindset

August, besides being my birth month, is “What will be your legacy?” month. Since this month is a significant one for me this year, that odd observance really resonated with me.

This month, I take the next step in my divorce, having passed the 31-day waiting period on Aug. 10. On Friday, Aug. 26, I turn 45 … while not a major milestone, it is a significant one because I want children … and I’m now at the starting line again.

But, because I spent the last 12 years in a challenging marriage, I’m a much stronger person than I was when I was in my early 30s. I now have a much better legacy to leave to those children that are, as yet, unborn.

What do I mean? Let me share a few:

  • Because I spent so much time giving away and hiding my power, I now acknowledge it and am growing better at standing in my power every day. This makes be a better role model.
  • Because of my issues with weight, I now more keenly appreciate my body and the unique beauty of its form. This will help me help my children with their own body image issues, should they arise.
  • Because of the relationship I had, I now more clearly know what it is I truly want, need and desire in a relationship and will no longer settle for what happens by. Therefore, I am more likely to choose a person who will be a better partner and a better father.

These are all things that make me a better person, but they also make me better able to build and maintain a business that serves me, as well as others.

And, if you were paying attention, you’ll notice that what I did here was take the lemons of my life and turn them into lemon chiffon pies! That’s what life’s challenges are for … they test us, tone us and help make us better than we were before … if we don’t join the self-pitty party.

Think about it. At 45, I could very well give up and resolve to be a childless woman for the rest of my life. But I’m not. I have faith that my intense desire to be a mother is an integral part of my destiny. So I know I’ll find the father of my yet-to-be-born children and I also know that he’ll be my soul mate.

At 45, I could look at my failed marriage as an indication that I, too, am a failure. But I’m not. I know that I made decisions that weren’t the wisest and now I’m remedying that situation. I am taking back my power and moving forward a stronger, better person.

I encourage you to take a look at your life and your business. Look at the areas in which you think you have failed and turn them around. How have those challenges made it possible for you to be stronger, better and build an amazing legacy that wasn’t possible without those “setbacks”?


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