What Type of Virtual Assistant Do You Need?

by | Sep 11, 2009 | Marketing & Selling

Each virtual assistant comes to the table with a set of skills and experiences. Some are generalists, while other are specialists. Depending on what you need help with in your business, you’ll need to look for certain types of virtual assistants. Ask yourself these questions to determine what type of virtual assistant you need.

  • How mature is my business?
    The more mature your business, the more likely you’ll need more specialized VAs on your team.
  • What tasks represent my biggest area of pain? Are these tasks simple or complex?
    If your greatest areas of pain are the basics of running a business, then you’ll probably need a generalist. However, if your greatest areas of pain are more complex, such as accounting, affiliate program management, etc., then you’ll probably need a specialist.
  • Do I need add a particular skill set to my team?
    You’ll want to be sure that the VA you hire has those skills. You don’t want to hire a VA who is adept at web design to be your virtual receptionist!


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