What Is Opt-In List Building?

by | Jul 3, 2010 | Building Relationships, Marketing & Selling

You’ve probably heard this phrase before: “The money is in the list.” What they are talking about is a list of prospects and customers that you can send marketing messages to and get a response that earns you money.

What Is Opt-In Listing Building?
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Because of the CAN-SPAM law, your email marketing list needs to be “opt-in.” In other words, the people on your list need to have chosen to be on your list. It is against the law to put people on your list without them asking.

So, opt-in list building is the art and science of getting people to opt-in to your email marketing list!

Sounds simple, right?

And, to some degree it is. All you need to do is offer your subscribers something of value in return for opting into your list. This is, upfront, an opt-in bonus, which is the topic of my posts this month.

But it is more than that, as well. If, once they receive your opt-in bonus, they no longer find value in being on your list … they’ll opt-out.

So, opt-in list building also includes a component of nurturing that list once it has started to develop. This includes your autoresponder sequence and your broadcast messages. You need to be sending out a mix of messages that offer value and get sales.

You need to set up your subscribers’ expectations the forefront … let them know what they’ll be getting when they subscribe … including the fact that you will be promoting products and services.

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