What Is a Business Partner?

by | Jan 3, 2011 | Building Relationships, Entrepreneurship, Marketing & Selling

business partner
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This month’s theme is “Creating Business Partnerships.” Throughout January, my posts will be exploring the many ways that we create partnerships within our businesses and how to leverage them to grow our business.

“It is rare to find a business partner who is selfless. If you are lucky it happens once in a lifetime.”
~ Michael Eisner

What is a business partner? If you go with the standard definition, you’ll find that it is a “commercial entity with which another commercial entity has some form of alliance.” This is a fine definition if you are a more traditional, standard business. But most of the business owners I work with are entrepreneurs who defy standard definition.

So, what do I mean when use the term “business partner” in the context of this month’s posts?

A business partner is someone … a fellow entrepreneur, a vendor, even a staff member or contract worker … who, for some reason or another has a vested interest in the success of either your business or a specific part of your business. A business partner has incentive to help you succeed in either a small or large way because she will also succeed in the process.

The business partners I’ll be talking about this month include:

  • mentors
  • staff
  • vendors
  • students
  • clients

and even yourself. Each post this month will explore how each of these relationships creates a business partnership in some sense of the phrase. It is my hope that through this month’s posts, you’ll learn to appreciate how much your business and your success is a part of the fabric of all our businesses and all of our successes.

Heard of the circle of life? Well this is the circle of creative, entrepreneurial business!


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