Vita-K Challenge: Week 6 (Final week)

by | Oct 27, 2013 | Behind the Scenes

vita k challenge
Well, my results are in. Below you will find pictures of my face and hands taken the day I began using Freeman’s Vita-K line of products and pictures of the same taken this morning, after using the products for six weeks.

Did I miss a day or two? Yes. Especially near the end when I was trying to figure out if it was one of these creams that was making my face look all red. I think it was just a combo of them and my daily sunscreen.

Anyway, here are the pics followed by what I see:


Right Hand

Left Hand

When I look at the two pictures of my face side by side, this is what I notice:

  • The creases on my forehead are less pronounced. So the deep creases cream seems to have done some good.
  • When I smile, my crow’s feet look about the same. However, when I’m not smiling I have noticed, lately that they are less pronounced. So, the the verdict is still out with the crow’s feet cream.
  • Where I notice the most improvement is with age spots. The lighter ones beneath my eyes are almost completely gone. Same with the lighter ones on my hands. I’m happy with the results.

Other things I’m noticing:

  • My face is redder. This could be a reaction caused by these three creams interacting with my sunscreen … or maybe the circulation on my face has improved. I’m not sure.
  • Because I’ve been taking better care of my skin for the past six weeks, I’m feeling better about the way I look. Am I where I eventually want to be? No. But I do feel better and more confident.
  • I’ve been attracting more opportunities to improve my ability to own my awesome in every facet of my life. From intriguing free samples to reasonably priced workshops. It is like I’ve created the start of a synergistic experience that is helping me step into my self-proclaimed role as the Own Your Awesome Business & Life Coach. And this is a very good thing.

Now its your turn:
If you’ve been following my Vita-K Challenge, have you been inspired to take better care of yourself in any way? If so, I’d love to read about it in a comment below. What have you done to take better care of yourself? What kinds of benefits has taking this action created in your life?


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