Video Marketing Concepts: 5 Ways Online Video Can Help Your Business

by | Apr 2, 2010 | Marketing & Selling

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As I alluded to earlier this week, video marketing can be a powerful tool for driving traffic to your website. But there are plenty of ways that video marketing can help your business. Since this month’s theme is “online video,” I thought I’d use this first post to go over some basic video marketing concepts for growing your business.

Traffic Source
Video websites are very popular and get a lot of traffic. Why not funnel some of that traffic your way? Posting a video to YouTube or any of the plethora of video hosting websites out there can help drive traffic to your site if you do two things: include you URL in the video and the description of the video.

Increase Squeeze Page Conversion
If you create a video that explains why someone should opt in to your list, you very well may see an increased conversion rate on your squeeze pages.

Increase Sale Page Conversion
Online video has shown increased conversion rates on sales pages, as well. In fact I know of at least one Internet marketer who now only does video for his sales pages.

Support Your Expertise Status
Creating informative video that supports your positioning as an expert and/or thought leader and posting them on the Internet can be very effective. It also has the effect of making people who watch them feel like they’ve gotten to know you.

Address the Needs of the Visual Learners in Your Target Market
Videos appeal to those who favor their visual mode to process information. And, since visual learners are more common than audio and kinesthetic learners, it is no wonder that video has taken off so well on the Web.


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