Using Social Media to Grow your List

by | Sep 17, 2010 | Building Relationships, Marketing & Selling

social media list-building
Social media can be leveraged to increase your visibility and grow your opt-in list. Of course, you have to be careful about this … people don’t go to Twitter or Facebook to be sold to.

You want to use you social media presence to build relationships, relationships that will lead to people wanting more from you. So, they’ll visit your website and sign up for your list.

Here are some tips for using various social networking sites to grow your list.

Regularly share good content with your followers. This includes sharing interesting and relevant quotes, links to your articles and blog posts, and occasional invitations to join your list.

Make sure you have a page set up for your business that links back to your main website. Facebook pages are indexed by search engines, so people may find your Facebook page before they find yours. Facebook also has add-on apps that allow you to put an opt-in form on your page. Make use of this option.

Be sure your profile is enticing and key-word rich. Join groups and interact with others, providing useful information.

With all social media sites, you want to be a giver … and then invite people to join you at your website. Don’t be pushy or you’ll ruin your reputation or even get kicked off the site.




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