Using Audio to Foster the “Know, Like and Trust” Factor

by | Jun 26, 2010 | Marketing & Selling

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When you are a small business owner or entrepreneur, the only thing that is truly unique about your business is you. And although you can convey some of that uniqueness through words you write in blog, hearing those words in your voice can have a much greater impact.

Michael Kelly, media commentator, keynote speaker and seminar leader, says, “Your voice is an important part of the image you portray to your prospective clients, your existing clients, your colleagues, and anyone who hears you speak whether it’s face-to-face, on the phone, public speech or media appearance.”

So, it is no wonder that the power of your voice can be used to foster the “know, like and trust” factor in your business. This is why podcasting can be a very effective way to increase your visibility in the market. I’ve written about podcasting several time before, so I won’t go into here. Here are links to the best of those posts:

Another audio marketing technique that works very well is the teleseminar. A teleseminar is much more tightly focused than a podcast and can feature you as the main speaker or as an interviewer or facilitator. Either way, people get to hear you speak and can begin to feel like they know you. Here are links to some of my better posts about teleseminars.

You can also use audio on your home page, your squeeze pages and your sales pages to give them a more personal touch. I mentioned this earlier this week in “Using Audio Clips to Promote Your Products and Services.”

The bottom line of this post is that audio can build rapport with your audience much more quickly than text words can. There is just something about hearing someone’s voice that makes things more personal.

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