Using Audio to Enhance Your Sales & Squeeze Pages

by | Jun 14, 2010 | Marketing & Selling

audio conversionThe right audio message on your sales and squeeze pages can triple your conversion rate (at least that’s what I’ve heard.) There are several ways you can use and implement audio on these pages, in this post I’ll discuss the most relevant.

Types of Audio

An Introduction
You can post a quick audio message that introduces visitors to the concept of your page. This message should be short, to the point and entice the visitor to read more.

If what you are pitching on your sales or squeeze page has audio components, then you can offer snippets of them. This way, your visitors can hear a sample of what they are going to receive.


Auto Play vs. Visitor Selected Play
Do you want your audio to automatically play when the visitor lands on the page, or do want give them the option to play it when they wish to?

There is great debate over which is best.

Some will tell you that conversions are higher with auto-played welcome messages (this is usually not a good option for samples). Others will say that you will annoy your visitors and they will leave.

I say you need to test … because both results are possible. You need to find out which camp your target market is most likely to fall into. And remember, you can’t please all of the people all of the time … to try to please as many as you can to get the best conversion rate for your page.

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