Using Article Marketing to Grow Your List

by | Sep 20, 2010 | Marketing & Selling

article marketing list-building
If you set up your system correctly, article marketing can be used to grow your list. Here’s how you set up the process.

Step 1: Develop a niche-specific squeeze page with an enticing offer.

On this squeeze page, you want to offer something relevant and free that will get someone to enter their name and email address in the form.

Step 2: Write articles that are related to that offer.

Take the content from your opt-in gift and develop articles based on it. Each article should be well rounded but slightly incomplete so that the person reading the article will want to learn more … and take you up on your free gift.


Step 3: Write a resource box that transitions from the article content to an invitation to visit the squeeze page.

The first sentence of the resource box should read like a continuation of the article. Then it should introduce your offer for more free information. Your resource box should state the most compelling benefit of clicking on your link that is related to the topic of the article.

Step 4: Post your articles on article directories with your killer resource box.

You don’t want to automate this because you’ll want each resource box to be tailored, at least slightly, for each article.

What the above steps set up is a nice, seamless flow from the article to the opt-in for your prospects. Here’s what they experience:

Jane Flo wants to learn more about training her bull terrier, so she goes to her favorite search engine and enters the keywords “bull terrier training.” In the results is a link to your article, “Bull Terrier Training: The All-Important Stay Command.”

Jane has really had a tough time getting her dog, Fluffy, to stay so she eagerly reads your article. At the end of the article, you offer to give her a special report that will not only help her get Fluffy to stay on command, but also to sit and jump and be the most well-trained dog she’s ever had.

She clicks on your link and lands on your squeeze page. She reads your offer and happily gives you her name and email address. Within minutes, she’s downloaded your special report and is on her way to bull terrier ownership bliss.

From that point on, if you continue to give her good information, she’ll stay on your list and even buy your products. And it all started with an article posted to a directory.


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