Types of Information Products – Where Variety Is the Spice of Information Marketing

by | Jan 4, 2010 | Creating Products

The beauty of selling information is that you can sell in in an amazing variety of ways:

  • Written – reports, handbooks, workbooks, books, checklists, white papers, etc.
  • Audio – interviews, guided visualizations, audiobooks, lectures, seminars, etc.
  • Video – workshops, DVDs, online video, screen capture tutorials, etc.
  • Software – tutorials, guidelines, edutainment, etc.

And you can deliver this information in person, as a physical product or as a digital download … or all three!

Let’s take a little closer look at the types of products:

Written Information Products

This is probably the most commonly used … and the oldest. These types of information products got their start as clay slabs and papyrus scrolls and now fill libraries and books stores to the brim in both paperback and hardback formats. If you’re like me, you might even have a folder on your hard drive somewhere filled with them!

These are fairly simple to create … all you need is a word processor and a way to convert the file into a PDF. Voila! You’ve got a written information product!

Audio Information Products

Audio products are now fairly easy to create, too. With the availability of free conference calling services that record the calls, you don’t really need special equipment to create an audio product.

Delivery has become fairly easy too. You can turn your audio into an mp3 file so that pretty much anyone can download and listen to it. There are companies that will turn your audio files into CDs and ship them for you. (Kunaki.com and CafePress.com are relatively easy to use and don’t require you to purchase an inventory.)

And there is podcasting and Internet radio … both of which can be monetized in a number of ways.

Video Information Products

With the increase in access to fast Internet connections, such as DSL and Cable, as well as the development of fairly decent streaming video, video information has become quite popular. And, with services such as Kunaki and CafePress, you can even create DVDs!

Video products take a few forms:

  • Screen capture – usually used for tutorials, but also for PowerPoint presentations.
  • Lecture – sometimes this is video captured at a live event, other times it is created in a home studio (a.k.a. the person’s desk).
  • Slide show – PowerPoint has the ability to create video from your presentations, but these are also created ad hoc and through screen capture.

Software Information Products

This form is relatively untapped by small businesses, although there are still some good examples of software information products created by entrepreneurs. Foreign language instruction has made very good use of this format. But it has also been used for computer software tutorials.


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