Types of Continuity Programs

by | Jul 10, 2010 | Creating Products

Types of Continuity Programs
There are many types of continuity programs you can use in your business. Knowing what they are and how they an contribute to your bottom line can help you make the right choices when deciding on which one or ones you will use.

Length of Program

There are continuity programs that are ongoing, only ending when someone cancels their membership. Then there are others that are set up to be of a fixed length of time.

Ongoing memberships are used by coaches and retailers alike. There are “product of the month clubs” … I once belonged to one that shipped different bottles of wine to my door step very month. Coaching clubs often provide live telephone calls and CDs delivered every month.

Fixed-term memberships work well in educational settings, when the information has a beginning, middle and end.

Product/Information Delivery Method

Although many continuity programs deliver something of value on a monthly basis, this is not the only model available. There are membership programs that just give you access to certain benefits … such as a professional benefit. For example, I’ve been a member of the National Association of Science Writers since 1995. I keep up my membership so I can have access to a variety of ongoing benefits … nothing is delivered to me on more than an annual basis outside of a newsletter I rarely read.

There are continuity programs that give you access to information, such as a media database. And, of course, there are membership programs that do deliver something, whether it is virtual or physical, consumable or informative, each and every month of your membership.

So, the big question is, what can you offer … what kind of benefit, whether it be continuously delivered or updated … that someone would be willing to pay you a monthly or annual fee to gain access to?


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