Two Powerful Ways WordPress Can Build Your Visibility

by | Feb 11, 2009 | Marketing & Selling

WordPress can be a powerful tool in helping you build your visibility and expertise status. Here are few ways and techniques you can start using today to build your online reputation and noticeability.

Post to Your Blog Regularly

This has two effects:

  1. a regularly updated blog is much more likely to get ranked well in the search engines, and
  2. when you build a library of articles on your website, you demonstrate that you know your stuff.

Integrate Your Blogging with Your Social Networks

Are you on both Facebook and Twitter? Here’s a great way to leverage your WordPress blog and both of these social networks to build your visibility. First, get your blog posting updates to your Facebook account. You can do this using the Notes application. Second, install a Twitter plugin that posts your blog updates to your Twitter account. Third, connect your Facebook and Twitter accounts so that whenever you post something to Twitter, it shows up in your Facebook status. There is a Facebook application that does this. Now, whenever you post to your blog a chain reaction occurs: A note is posted to your Twitter account, which also shows up on your Facebook status. A little later, your post shows up on your Facebook account and is noted on your wall. This creates more ways for people to start noticing you and your expertise and can drive traffic to your website.


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