Top 14 Opt-In Bonuses that Work

by | May 21, 2012 | Marketing & Selling

If I’ve said it once, I’ve probably said it a thousand times: You need to build a list of prospects and clients to build and sustain your business. But how do you entice your website visitors to give you their name and email address? You give them a gift or bonus for doing so!

Here is a list of the top 14 types of bonuses that attract new clients and to why types of prospects they might appeal.

1) A short 2- to 3-page report relating on an important issue in your topic
If your audience is issue-focused and your topic is something that is constantly changing and evolving, then this is an ideal type of bonus. Also, the short length appeals to people who are busy and on the go.

2) A to-do/task list that people can put into action
If you provide a service that can be outlined into steps, this can be a good opt-in bonus. It gives the appearance of being helpful — allowing those who opt-in to do what you offer on their own — while also showing the time-saving value of what you offer. Be sure to only offer a to-do list for one type of service you offer … you don’t want to put all your processes on the table!

3) A checklist
These are very effective bonuses for those who offer complex services. Like the to-do list, the checklist gives those who want to do it themselves a helpful guideline, but also illustrates the value of what you offer. Keep the checklist to one page, annotate it only if the items on the list won’t make sense to someone unfamiliar with your field’s terms.

4) An easy-to-use kit that leads to an instant mini-result
This is perfect for those kinesthetics in your audience. They will be attracted to the hands-on aspect of what you’re offering. Also, calling it a “kit” and providing an actual result (no matter how small) increases the perceived value of your opt-in bonus.

5) A template for documents
Do your services include documents that most of your clients can use? Then this type of bonus works wonders. Give one of your most popular templates away. This provide immediate value and illustrates your expertise very well.

6) A video
Some people prefer the immediacy of a video to a written report. The beauty of this type of bonus is that it appeals to all learning styles. The downside is that the file can be big and delivering it can be something of a logistic issue. But if you can swing it, do it.

7) A “10 Best” list relevant to your products or services
If you have a list of tools and resources that you use often to help you help your clients, then this can be a very valuable opt-in bonus. Even more so if using the resources on your list is cumbersome and it would be much easier for your prospects to just hire you to do it for them!


8) A tip sheet
Gather a list of your top 3 to 10 tips and package them as an opt-in bonus. This helps show off your expertise while providing your prospects with useful information.

9) An audio/webinar recording
Give away a recording of a teleseminar or webinar you did. Or you can record something special just for this opt-in bonus. Creating audio opt-ins that may or may not have accompanying visuals can be easier than writing reports and has a higher perceived value.

10) A workbook
This type of business pulls together the best parts of a special report, to-do list, checklist and kit, and therefore can appeal to people with all learning styles. However, be sure that the workbook doesn’t provide too much value. After all, you want them to be coming back to you for more!

11) A quiz/assessment
I’m a compulsive quiz taker, and I’m pretty sure that there are others out there like me. However, theses types of opt-in appeal to anyone who is curious about themselves. It is a great tool to use to qualify your leads, as well. If done right, those who get one type of result from the quiz or assessment will be more motivated to work with you than others, while it can also “weed out” those who would not be a good fit for your business.

12) A teleseminar
If you plan to give a teleseminar recording away as an opt-in bonus, why not invite prospects to the live recording? This way you build your list while you build the opt-in to build your list!

13) An e-course
These used to be extremely good opt-in bonuses, but no longer work as well if your audience is very busy or receives too many emails as it is. Keep your e-course short … no more than 5 emails on a weekly basis. And be sure to give more what than how, or people will have no reason to come to you for more info.

14) A special insider’s discount on a soon-to-be-released product or service
Everyone loves a deal and you can use that desire to save money to grow your list. Also, offering special “list only” deals can improve your list retention!

Just in case you didn’t notice, the underlying theme of all these opt-in bonuses is that they give your prospects a combination of value, a sample of what you do and incentive to work with you. With out the up-front perceived value, people won’t opt-in. Without the illustration of what you do and why someone should work with you, the opt-in does your business no true, lasting good. A list by itself isn’t useful … a list that is responsive and not only sees the value of working with you but is inclined to take advantage of that value is.

For more information about opt-in bonuses, check these resources out:




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