Three Ways to Use Audio to Sell Your Book

by | Jul 23, 2009 | Marketing & Selling

I know what you might be thinking … books are for readers, not listeners. However, integrating audio into your marketing (and product) mix can help you sell more books and services. Here are three ideas:

Sean Mise, and expert, has this to say about using teleseminars to promote your books:

Create a teleseminar around topics that are truly interesting to your target audience. Give them amazing data and insider tips to convince them that you are a great source of information. Don’t forget to pitch in your books before you wrap your seminars and make sure that you give your audience a list of topics that are included in your creation.

This technique can work well for both non-fiction and fiction writers. Non-fiction, of course is pretty straight forward. And, dear fiction writers, if you’ve found your non-fiction kernels (which I talked about on July 10), you’ll have plenty to talk about, too. Also, readers of fiction love to learn about the the behind the scenes tidbits on how you came up with your ideas!

Book Readings
These can be in person (usually at a book store), but can also be delivered over the phone during a teleseminar or as an mp3 download. And, of course, remember Books on Tape! (Even though tape seems to have gone the way of the Dodo.)

These recordings can be used as bonuses that will enchant people to give your book a look.

Welcome & Explanation Snippets
You can include a summary of your sales page in audio and embed the audio player at the top of the page. You can invite people to click to hear “A Special Message from the Author” or have it play automatically.


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