Thought Is the Force Underlying All

by | Dec 21, 2009 | Mindset

In his book Character Building Thought Power, Ralph Waldo Trine had this to say about the power of thought:

“Thought is the force underlying all. And what do we mean by this? Simply this: Your every act – every conscious act – is preceded by a thought. Your dominating thoughts determine your dominating actions. In the realm of our own minds we have absolute control, or we should have, and if at any time we have not, then there is a method by which we can gain control, and in the realm of the mind become thorough masters.”

This is why having the right mindset is so important … in fact critical … to our success in business.

If you believe that you will fail, then you will consciously or or unconsciously create behaviors that will make this a reality.

So, you need to cultivate successful thoughts. You need to believe in your ability to make your business successful.

The thing is, we are often not aware of of our thoughts and how they affect our behavior. So I suggest this exercise:

Take a notebook and at some point in the day … every day for a week … jot down your dominating thoughts for the day. If you can, write about how they affected your actions.

After the week is over, take a look at your journal and see if you can find any trends in your thoughts and how they created behaviors, which in turn manifested outcomes.

  • Were your thoughts more negative or positive?
  • How did these thought affect your actions?
  • How did these actions affect your results?

After completing this exercise, you should be able to see a correlation between what you are manifesting in your life and business and your underlying thoughts.

Now you can take action to turn any negatives thoughts you are having around. Spin then so you can see the bright side. Do this often enough and it will become a habit … a habit of positive thought.

If you would like to read my annotated version of Character Building Thought Power, with my notes, comments and exercises added to Trine’s text to help you fully engage with the material, you can pick up a copy here: Ebook Edition or Paperback Edition.


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