Think Strategically, Act Strategically

by | Dec 8, 2010 | Mindset

think strategically
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Business owners are strategic.

Business owners have both short and long term goals for their business. And, whenever they come upon an opportunity, they ask themselves does this opportunity bring me closer to or further from my goals?

For example, there is a convention coming up that you are interested in. But before buying the ticket and making travel and lodging reservations, you examine the opportunity from a business point of view:

  • Is the convention in alignment with long term goals?
  • Does the timing of the convention fit in with short term goals?
  • Does the potential return on investment of attending outweigh any reasons for not going?

It doesn’t matter what the opportunity is, the decision to take advantage of it is always weighed against the business’ overall vision, mission and plan.

This is true of

  • conventions
  • trade shows
  • networking groups and meetings
  • potential new clients
  • potential new projects

When you keep your business goals in mind when making decisions, you are more likely to avoid time-wasting activities and to attract better opportunities that are in alignment with your business and its future incarnation.


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