When Things Don’t Go According to Intended Plan

by | Jan 16, 2018 | Mindset, Video, Weekday Wisdom

Weekday Wisdom, Episode 10

Have you ever had life not go according to your initial plan? That’s what I’m going to talk about in today’s Weekday Wisdom.

Weekday Wisdom Episode 10

In an earlier episode of the Weekday Wisdom, I told you about the priorities I had set for the year. Due to Martin Luther King, Jr., Day, this past weekend was a long weekend. I had three days off from work. So, I set the intention that I was going to work on writing my next book, Public Speaking Super Powers. However, two things converged to give me a unique opportunity to focus on another goal to greater effect.

First, my husband wasn’t home for the weekend. He went on a retreat. This meant he wasn’t there distracting me with his awesome cuddliness and penchant for watching fun geek stuff on TV.

And second, our cat was in a pet hotel. This meant that space normally used for his litter box could be used for playing musical chairs with unpacked boxes.

Therefore, despite my good intentions for working on my book, the siren call of clearing up the energy leak that is our downstairs room beckoned and beckoned. And I gave in.

That said, this weekend was very productive. I got that room fairly cleaned out. It’s not done, but it is so much closer to doneness than it has been since we moved in in April! I unpacked five foldable bookcases and set them up. I unpacked around eight boxes of books — and did my data entry for each book, to boot! (I keep an Excel file of all the books I own and where they are located, primarily so I won’t be as likely to buy multiple copies of books).

At this point, all of my boxes of books are unpacked, except for three that pretty much contain only books that are in my review queue. As you can see from today’s video I’m already taking up about as much bookshelf space as I can handle with books that are my review queue. (Four shelves!) It seems that I have bitten off more than I could chew with that. And I feel really good about the work I’ve done. It is like a weight has been lifted!

So, how did life not go according to plan? Well, my initial plan was work on my book. In fact, I just wanted to write the introduction chapter. All I did toward that goal was organize my notes. I cut them up into little pieces of paper, which you can see in the video. Basically, I took my notes from my research on skills vs. talent (the topic of the introduction), and then cut up the pieces of paper so that there is one quote or note per piece of paper. That helps me organize my thoughts and pull it all together. But that’s as far as I got on writing my introduction.

Instead, I cleared much of an energy leak.

So, yes, things didn’t go according to plan. However, I was doing something toward one of my goals. So here are my thoughts: When life doesn’t go according to plan, it can do it in one of two ways.

  1. It can be something that happens outside you and you just have to roll with it. For example, inclement weather or catching the flu, which seems to be really going around right now.
  2. Or it can be something internal. I felt this incredible call to work on that downstairs room. And I was presented with a unique opportunity that I wouldn’t have on a normal day. So, I was actually able to do more than I would have if I had followed my initial plan.

Whenever things start feeling like they’re not going according to plan, take a deeper look.

  • Is this something that you can control? Meaning, can you turn things around and get back on track?
  • Is it something you can’t control? Meaning, will you need to be flexible and change your plans to accommodate the change in the scenario?
  • And, are you being called to do something that is better than what you had initially planned? Meaning, are your plans changing in an advantageous way that you couldn’t have foreseen? Which is what happened to me!

It’s OK if things don’t go according to plan sometimes. It all works out in the end.

And remember:
Don’t box yourself in.
Spread your wings and fly.
You are capable of more than you know.

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