The Vision Statement: The First Brick of Your Business Plan Wall

by | Oct 4, 2010 | Planning Your Business

vision statement
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In my first post of the month, I talked about building your business like you would build a wall … one brick a time. And, that you need a plan so that you know where each of those bricks should be laid. Well, the first “brick” in your business plan is the vision statement.

Your vision statement is your big dream for your business. It states what you want your business to be as if it already was. It clearly states who your business will serve, as well as how you will serve them.

Your vision statement is your guiding light upon which all other parts of your business plan will be measured. This is the big picture, the big goal, the destiny, the forest of your business.

The trick is that your vision statement is both broad and visionary, while being focused and specific at the same time. Here’s an example.

DragonWyze Solutions helps creative professionals … entertainers, artists, authors, etc. … cultivate and nurture a thriving online presence that supports their career and business goals.

You’ll notice that my target market it specific while how I help them is somewhat broad. Why is that?

You need to be focused on your target market so that you can create products, services and marketing messages that are tailored to them. If your market is not focused enough, your messaging will be scattered and your products and services will most likely be off the mark.

But what you do for them needs to be broad enough to allow for business expansion. If I had said I help them develop a website, I would be thinking way to small and my business would stay that way, possibly even flounder and fizzle out.

Remember, this is my vision for my company … it does not matter if I’m all the way there or not. As I am often fond of saying, aim for the stars and if you only get to the planets … well, hey! that’s pretty darn good!

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