The Importance of Passion

by | Aug 4, 2008 | Entrepreneurship, Mindset

I remember listening to an call with Michael Port, David Isner, and a couple of others, and they got to talking about how important passion is to business. One of the speakers mentioned that if you approach every day like a Saturday — you get things done, but you also have fun — you are more likely to create a business that is both fun and profitable.

Another speaker mentioned that an underlying passion for what you do is what keeps you moving forward in your business. That if you’re passionate about what you do, it motivates you to get through the tough times. But not only that … your passion for what you do shines through and is a powerful force in attracting the right clients and customers to your business.

I’ve always felt that passion was an important ingredient for business, that’s why I’m doing the first call of Turbo-Charge Your Marketing with Lori Palm tonight. It was just nice to see that others — big-name, influential others — feel the same way.

So I leave you with this: Do you love your business? I mean really love what you do? Does working in and on your business energize you? Does it fill you with the excitement of possibilities? When someone asks you about what you do, do get animated as you talk about it?

If not, you’re in the wrong business!

Or, in the best-case scenario, your business needs re-focusing. So, get to work! Get in touch with your passion … what makes you tick. Then build your business around that core power. You — and your clients — will be glad you did.


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