The Emotional Ties that Bind

by | Dec 17, 2010 | Mindset

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Are there emotional issues that are preventing you from living up to your potential? Sometimes, even when we are not aware of it, our subconscious beliefs about money, business or ourselves can prevent us from achieving success in business.

These are the emotional ties that bind us to what we once were.

When you have a business mindset, you make an effort to understand the emotional side of your business:

  • Your emotions concerning your business
  • Your emotions concerning your abilities, skills and acumen
  • Your emotions concerning sales
  • Your emotions concerning marketing
  • Your emotions concerning money

Sometimes understanding your business-related emotions is not easy or obvious. You may need to keep an emotional trigger journal. This is a record of the times you find yourself being emotional in your business and what triggered the event. Over time you’ll start to notice a pattern or trend. At that point, you can uncover personal barriers that prevent you moving forward in your business.

Another metric you might want to track are “procrastination moments.” These are times when you avoid doing what you said you would do, planned you would do or intended you would do. Procrastination often has an emotional component. Take stock of what you procrastinate about about the emotions you are feeling when you find yourself procrastinating.

As a business owner, it is hard to separate yourself from your business. So dig deeper and release personal beliefs that not only no longer serve you but could be holding you back from greater success.


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