The Business Foundation Trinity

by | Sep 11, 2008 | Self Discovey

With each successive call in the Marketing Strategies for Promoting YOU! teleseminar series, I realize how much everything in the program builds on and depends on everything else. Of course, I planned it that way — but I’m still realizing that the layers are greater than I had planned.

Anyway, I was thinking about the first three calls this weekend, and reading Michael Port’s Book Yourself Solid and came to the realization that the foundation of every truly amazing business is based on three interconnected concepts: Passion, Niche, and Ideal Clients. Take a look at the graphic here. Each one of these concepts is represented by a circle. Where these three circles intersect … that’s where your most optimized business resides.

Passion is what drives you. It is what motivates you to get up in the morning and keep plugging away at your business. Passion helps you discover your niche and identify your ideal clients. Niche is what brings your prospects together … it is how they self-group, making it easier for you to determine what kinds of products and services will serve their needs best. Ideal clients are the kinds of people you like to hang around. They energize you and inspire you to do your best work.

Passion helps you find the right niche for you and it is your biggest clue when you are serving your ideal clients. You need to be passionate about your niche and your ideal clients. Your niche must be where you find your ideal clients and be of interest to you. Your ideal clients must energize you and be interested in your niche.

You see? They all interconnect … lose one piece of the trinity and your business will start to falter.

Now, when I use the term passion in this context, it doesn’t necessarily have to be your top passion … that might be for something that is not profitable. But, you do have to have at least a spark or two of interest. Once you have found your business sweet spot — the business that can be found in the intersection of your interests, the interests of your target market, and your ideal clientele — you can build your marketing much more easily. You’ll have the information you need to choose your words wisely, make use of the best media to convey your message, and know that you are doing your best work in the service of individuals you truly like and respect. That is where business nirvana lies.


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