The 3 Elements of a Top Quality Information Products

by | Sep 30, 2008 | Creating Products

Why are informational products created?

That’s not a trick question. They are created to impart, share, and pass on information.

But good information products do this quickly and easily for the product’s intended audience. So how do you create a good information product? What elements or qualities must your information product have to be considered of high quality?

1. All Good Information Products Consider How Their Target Audience Likes to Consume Information

The reason why there are so many formats that information products come in is because different people like to consume information differently. Some prefer curling up with a hard-copy book. Others like to read online. Yet others prefer to listen to audio. You get the picture.

If you want your information product to be good — heck! even great — find out how your target market likes to consume information. You may find that you have sub-markets, each with a different preference. Then you should re-purpose your information into different formats to accommodate the different learning styles of the members of your target market.

2. All Good Information Products Consider the Language Style and Level of Their Target Market

You wouldn’t write a book on health for consumers at a level that only medical researchers can understand. Also, different target markets have words, or jargon, that are common within that group. You’ll want to use these appropriately. For example, within the Internet Marketing market, the term for “joint venture” is usually just JV.

3. All Good Information Products Are Succinct — Including Only the Information Necessary for Its Target Market

If you are writing for beginners, you will need to include more elementary material. But if you are writing for an audience that is more sophisticated, then you’ll bore them to tears if you explain things at too elementary a level.

Do you see a trend here? Basically, the key element to creating top-quality information products is to consider the needs, wants, communication style, and learning style of your target market.


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