Take the Next Step In Your Business … Forgive Yourself

by | Jun 2, 2009 | Entrepreneurship, Mindset

Often times, as business owners … and budding business owners … we get in the way of our own growth. Those little gremlins that tell us we aren’t good enough cause us to pull our punches and not give it our honest to goodness all.

But you don’t have to fall into that trap. A client of mine has recently published a book that can help called A Forgiveness Journal: Letting Go of the Past. In the book, author Kristin Robertson walks you through a seven-step process for forgiving past hurts and letting go so you can move forward.

I recently did a teleseminar with her about how forgiveness can be a powerful tool for increasing productivity in the workplace. You can download a copy of it by providing your name and email address at brioleadership.com/forgivenessatwork.

While talking with her on the subject, I realized that what she discussed was equally applicable to solo-entrepreneurs. Forgiveness can help you release blocks that are preventing you from realizing the the potential of your business, from creating a business you truly love. By forgiving

  • those who have made you feel inferior or less worthy,
  • those who have placed “unfair” obstacles in your path, and
  • yourself for letting all these things get in your way,

you can release those blocks and move on to the next level.

“The important thing is to forgive yourself for not forgiving,” says Kristin. “You will do it on your own time, when you are ready. The good news is that every tiny step you take to forgive helps lighten your burden of negative feelings.”

Unlike many other books on forgiveness, A Forgiveness Journal uses the experiential process of a guided journal to help you release and forgive. “It encourages you to do or write something in each of the seven steps. Included in the book are exercises, questions to think and write about, meditations and a letting-go ceremony,” Kristin says.

This new book incorporates emotional, spiritual and practical advice in a non-denominational way. I’ve already dog-eared my copy and encourage you to pick up one of your own, too.


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