Get in tune with your prosperity consciousness

Just for fun, using “What is your Elf name?” as a model I created this chart to discover your prosperity name. Let’s all start the year in tune with our divine abundance and prosperity consciousness. So what is your Prosperity Name? Mine is...

Today Is What You Think Upon Grows Day

Thoughts are powerful things. What you think about today creates your reality tomorrow. The more positive your thoughts, the better your life will be. I hope I don’t need to tell you the opposite is true, too. May 31 is What You Think Upon Grows Day … a day to spend...
Ask for What You Want … What a Concept!

Ask for What You Want … What a Concept!

I’ve been doing a lot of prosperity work lately. And it has been really helping me move away from the negativity that has recently pervaded my life. One of the many ezines I subscribe to is Christine Kloser’s Conscious Business Connection. In last month’s issue, she...

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