The tools of the squeeze page

Last week, I did an impromptu demonstration speech on how to set up a squeeze page. In this excerpt from that presentation, I explain what a squeeze page is and the tools you’ll need to set one up.     One thing I left out of this presentation is that...

Subscribers Are Your Guests

“We see our customers as invited guests to a party, and we are the hosts.” – Jeff Bezos If subscribers are guests at a party, how do you invite them and get them to accept the invitation? First, why do people go to a party? For something to do. To be...
Let’s Chat Some More

Let’s Chat Some More

The third deadly mistake of home page design is not collecting visitor information. For most author, writer, speaker, and coach websites, one of the main purposes is to grow their list. To do this, you have to invite visitors to your website to continue the...

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