Spiritual Goals with Guest Donald Lee

Weekday Wisdom, Season 4, Episode 1 January is a great month to figure out your goals for the year. Have you set any goals for your spiritual growth? This first episode of the new season — and New Year — features a chat with author Donald Lee about...

The Formula for Reaching Your Goals Fast

Think of your current life goals. How convinced are you that you’ll succeed? What’s stopping you from making that trip, losing that weight, learning that language, or running that half-marathon? What about your business goals? What’s stopping you from writing that...
Be Precise About Your Goals

Be Precise About Your Goals

When creating your action plan for the New Year, you need to be precise about your goals. You need to Set starting and deadline dates Be specific about quantities Assign responsibilities to individuals   You need to do all this for a couple of reasons. One, being...

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