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by | Oct 14, 2009 | Marketing & Selling

Part Four of:

Is Your Copy Convincing? 7 Ways to Show Authority In Your Writing

This is the forth post in a series of seven blog posts where I will share seven ways to show authority in your writing. This series is an expansion of an article I’ve posted to

4. State the Benefits and Advantages
Do you find people who won’t admit their faults convincing? Of course not. We all have faults! And, your products and services will have drawbacks, as well. So strategically bring them up.

I’m not saying you need to flog what you’re selling, I’m just saying admit the drawbacks while emphasizing the benefits.

For example, I once offered a Blog to Article Marketing service. This service does not work well for people who don’t blog often, in fact it works best when you post to your blog several times a week. I state this in the sales letter.

Tell your readers about both benefits and drawbasks and you’ll come across as more honest and trust-worthy. Also, it will help you avoid attracting those clients that aren’t a good match for what you have to offer.

My next post in this series will cover using facts and figures. If you missed the first three posts, you can find them here:


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