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by | Dec 18, 2008 | Marketing & Selling

If you’re doing a podcast, radio show, or any other kind of audio product as part of your marketing mix, you’ll probably want to spice it up with some fun music. Having intro and outro music makes your audio sound more professional.

There are plenty of places where you can purchase royalty-free music, but I just found a place that has some pretty good royalty-free music you can use for free! It’s called Partners in Rhyme and you can get both royalty-free music and sound effects.

When you’re marketing on a shoestring budget, finding a resource like this is golden. Think of it, you could download some totally cool music and sound effects for your next audio or video project and take your product up a notch in professionalism.


3 Ways to Use this Music

  • Intros and Outros The intro is a short snippet of music that fades into your audio, such as the recording of your teleseminar. An outro is a short snippet of music that fades from the end of your audio. These little details make your audio sound more professional.
  • Add Dimension to Your Videos Adding some background music to your video can enhance the mood and effectiveness of the video. I used this technique in my promotional video, displayed in the sidebar.
  • Create an Audio Brand Using the same music in your business for all your audio will help you build an audio brand. I talked about this in an earlier post.


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