Some Really Brilliant Marketing Tips for New Online Entrepreneurs

by | Jun 2, 2020 | Marketing & Selling

Are you just starting out with your online business? If so, you probably have a lot of questions, one the biggest being, “How do I best market my business online to get some traction?” In the following guest post, Rodney Laws shares what he believes are the top marketing tactics you should pursue when you’re a new online entrepreneur.

Some Really Brilliant Marketing Tips for New Online Entrepreneurs

By Rodney Laws

The digital world is a fantastic place, rife with creative opportunities for entrepreneurs to grasp hold of. However, it is simultaneously an infinite expanse that gives those looking to strike it rich very little guidance or direction on how to survive.

With the right strategy, the internet can be a rewarding venture for a business mind to delve into, though many can fall by the wayside, intent on living by the old saying “if you build it they will come.”

This mentality is simply ineffective in a market as vast and undefined as the internet. Here, you must bring yourself to the consumer singing and dancing like Hugh Jackman in The Greatest Showman.

Below are some brilliant marketing tips for new entrepreneurs to follow as stepping stones to attract an audience to their proverbial circus and achieve online success.

Branch out with social media

Whether it be on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, or any other platforms, social media is an exciting and flexible way for creative entrepreneurs to promote themselves.

Developing a calendar for your social media is the first key step to effective marketing on these platforms as it requires regular consistency to develop an audience.

Also, ensure your content is light, snappy, and easy to engage with. It can be beneficial to update your audience on what you are up to, as well as, produce interactive posts to help get to know your audience.

Remember to focus posts across all of the social media platforms and build branches to your whole enterprise, always linking back to one central website or “mothership” — which is the location your service/product resides.

Without these efforts leading to a core online presence, your social media can seem fragmented and lacking any real direction. Therefore it is important to develop a platform to consistently link to, allowing you to visualize the benefits of your work.

Collaborate with like-minded enterprises

It is vital to distinguish between a competitor and someone that can complement your own vision. As Youtubers have shown (being entrepreneurs in their own right) collaborations done in the right way can be considered marketings’ most effective secret weapons in the online world.

Identifying opportunities to synergize with other companies who share your interests is a fantastic way to enhance customer experience beyond your own capabilities.

Cross-promotion — as this is often known — can set you ahead of the competition, as you are simply offering more. Given the right initiative, the possibilities are endless, whether you guest post on each other’s blog sites, or even overlap certain services to give the consumer a more fulfilling experience.

person wearing yeezy shoes
Well documented examples of this include Adidas and Kanye West’s construction of the Yeezy sneaker brand, as well as, Doritos’ and Call of Duty’s promotional partnership.

New, less established entrepreneurs can achieve similar results on a smaller scale to help build up their brand notoriety. Suppose a professional writer is looking to discuss experiences via a podcast, it can be beneficial to bring on a literary theorist in order to add additional quality to the venture.

Blog your heart out

Hosting an online blog around your niche is a great way to showcase your expertise and earn consumer trust.

Of course, blogs do not become popularised overnight, It takes a lot of hard work and consistency to craft an audience. This is certainly a strategy to embrace over the long term, so all the more reason to get started early on and reap the rewards down the line.

Establishing a blog sets the foundations for the web presence of your budding business, and gives you something to promote alongside your product/service. This form of content marketing goes hand in hand with shopping, posing as a valued research tool for consumers as they look to take an informed approach while buying into your industry.

For many fledgling entrepreneurs, it can be difficult to kickstart a blog on your own website as you are yet able to garner authority and notoriety within your niche. Therefore, it can be useful to find a platform that already has an inbuilt audience for you to communicate with.

Take Medium, for instance, an online site that encourages users to create their own content and learn from each other — an Instagram for writers if you will. Medium is a particularly useful tool as it uses a hashtag system to categorize articles, meaning that you can tailor your posts to be targeted towards individuals interested in your niche.

Harness the magic of the influencer

As the internet has evolved into a platform for the entire world, the rise in prominence of the social media influencer has acted as a sort of watershed moment for marketers and entrepreneurs alike.

For the past few years, businesses have opened their eyes to the benefits of influencer marketing, beyond the typical A-list superstar and towards smaller more relatable social stars. Expanding this strategy into a broad multi-faceted and accessible church, ready for a new entrepreneur to capitalize on.

This practice is a truly effective way of bridging the gap between a company and its potential consumers. With the social star being a comparable equivalent to the consumers’ friend rather than the sense of unattainable stardom seen in Hollywood.

Relatability is a powerful tool, with much of the consumer market making purchasing decisions based on recommendations from a close trusted community.

A Youtuber, for example, fits into a neat position as a figurehead of a micro-community; with their members often keen to support the content they produce. Giving companies an affluent opportunity to market through someone who already has the trust of the consumers.

The internet can be a confusing and vast space, leaving entrepreneurs new and old unable to navigate through.

However, by following these brilliant strategies you will be able to carve yourself a path straight to the consumers’ screens. In the digital world, hard work and consistency pays off, keep your path clear and you can truly call yourself an online entrepreneur.

About the Author

Rodney Laws is an e-commerce expert with over a decade of experience in building online businesses. He’s worked with the biggest platforms in the world, making him the perfect person to offer advice on which platforms to build your website with. Check out his reviews on and you’ll find practical tips that you can use to build the best online store for your business. Connect with him on Twitter @EcomPlatformsio.


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