Should You Podcast for Your Business?

by | Jun 7, 2010 | Marketing & Selling

should you podcast
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That all depends on what you want to accomplish in your business … and on how well you plan your podcast in advance.

Podcasting can be a powerful way to promote your expertise and your business, but it is also very easy to get bogged down, too.

In fact, I recently listened to a podcast that went over the “7 Deadly Mistakes Podcasters Make and What You Can Do To Prevent Them” and recommend you give it a listen. You can grab a recording at

Anyway, if you do it right, podcasting can have many benefits for you and your business:

  • It can be easier to do than writing blog posts … for some people.
  • It can get your website traffic that it might not otherwise get.
  • It can appeal to an audience who wouldn’t be interested in your articles or blog posts that are in written form.
  • It can support your expertise status in a way that other media can’t.

Traditional podcasts are audio, but you don’t need to be limited by that medium. There are also now podcasts that are in video and even PDF format. So keep your mind open to the possibilities.

Basically, I believe you should podcast for your business if you have these qualities:

  • You like to talk. Podcasting is a great format for people who like to express themselves verbally.
  • You aren’t too intimidated by audio recording technology. If talking into a mic (or even a telephone) makes you nervous, podcasting isn’t for you.
  • You can see yourself having something to say for at least a year’s worth of content. It can be really disheartening if you start a podcast only to discover that you run out of content after only a few episodes.
  • You are comfortable creating a plan and then being flexible if and when things don’t go according to plan. You want to start your podcast with a plan, but be open to changing that plan in response to changes in your business and reaction from your audience.

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