Setting Up a Monitoring System

by | Oct 27, 2010 | Planning Your Business

monitoring system
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You’ve got your business and marketing plan down. You’ve created your action plan and are ready to rock and roll.

Then you put that plan in a drawer and never look at it again.

A year rolls by and you’re wondering why did I spend all that time writing up a business plan when it didn’t do me a lick of good?

Well … if you don’t follow your plan and check in with it once in a while to make sure you’re on track, of course it won’t work.

That would be like going to Google Maps, printing out the instructions on how to get to Aunt Masie’s place, looking at the directions once and then hitting the road … leaving the directions on your printer.

That’s why I always recommend setting up a monitoring system. This is a plan of action to check your plan of action.

Here is the basic process of creating a monitoring system:

1. Define a measurable goal clearly
You’ve done this when you’ve created the Objectives and Strategies sections of your plan.

2. List your action steps to achieve this goal
I covered this step on Monday.

3. Set target dates for these actions
This was also a part of the Action Plan section covered on Monday.

4. Log your results
As each date in your action plan rolls by, check in and see how you’re doing. Make course adjustments as necessary.

You can do this systematically by setting up days of the week or month that you check in with your business plan, or you can just make it part of your daily routine.

But this is the step that most people neglect to doand that is why their business and marketing plans fall apart. Don’t let this be you! Create your plan of action and then keep tabs to make sure that you are still heading in the direction you want.

Follow your Action Plan like you’d follow the turn-by-turn directions you’d follow on your way to Aunt Masie’s place for Thanksgiving!

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