Re-Purposing and Article Marketing: 7 Ideas

by | Aug 18, 2010 | Marketing & Selling

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So you’ve been diligent in your article marketing and you’ve built up a nice library of articles that you’ve posted to both article directories and your blog. But you don’t have to stop there … publishing an article on the web does not need to be the end point of that work. Here are some ideas that you can use to re-purpose and re-use your articles and blog posts.

Create an Anthology E-book
Gather several of your articles around a particular topic, organize them in a logical manner, give the document a table of contents and you’ve got yourself a decent ebook that you can either give away as an opt-in bonus or sell.

Create a Physical Book
Use several of your articles as the basis for chapter of a book. Get an ISBN number for it and find a POD publisher like Lulu or Vervante and you can sell copies of the book on

Create an Ebook for E-Readers
If you’re going to create a physical book anyway, why not repurpose that content for the ebook reader market? Then you can sell a Kindle edition on and an iPad edition through iTunes.

Create an Article Podcast
Record yourself reading the articles and post the audios on your blog as a podcast edition.

Create a CD
If you’re recording yourself reading your articles for a podcast anyway, why not collect some of your best one and publish it as a compilation CD? You can use a POD publisher such as Amazon’s CreateSpace and sell the CD on

Develop an E-Course
Use several of your articles as the basis of an electronically delivered educational course. You can provide the information in both text and audio download format and deliver it via an email autoresponder for free or a fee.

Develop Live Presentations
I bet the information in some, if not all of your articles, could be re-purposed into a live presentation that you can deliver at local networking meetings or even a teleclass. Video or audio record the class (live or on the phone) and you can use the video to create a DVD and the audio to create a CD, too! The live interaction adds additional value.

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These are just the first 7 ideas I came up with off the top of head. I’m sure you can think of even more ways to re-purpose your articles. If you do, I’d love to hear about them … and I’m sure so would other readers. So please add your ideas to the comment box below.

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