Re-Furbish Your Niche

by | Dec 15, 2008 | Marketing & Selling

How’s your niche? Are you in the right one? As you plan out your business for the New Year, you might want to take a good look at how you are defining your niche. Maybe that definition could use a little refurbishing. Here are some things you can do to make this part of your success plan for 2009.

1. Have you defined your niche?

If you try to market to everyone, you’re gonna end up marketing to no one. Choose a target market. Focus on it and you’ll see your business grow. I know it sounds counter-intuitive, but it does work.

2. Have you defined your niche specifically enough?

You don’t want your niche to be too broad or too narrow. You want it to be narrow enough that you can communicate your message effectively to your chosen market, but not so narrow that there aren’t enough members of the group to be profitable.

3. Are you passionate about your niche?

If you are marketing dog-related products and you’re really a cat person, your message will always be a bit off. You need to love what you do so you can devote the kind of time and effort needed to create a meaningful, fulfilling business.

4. Are you knowledgeable in your niche?

Again, if you know more about cats than dogs, why would you market to the dog lovers? They’ll see right through you!

5. Have you made doubly sure that you’ve addressed the first four questions?

Be honest now. If you skip these steps or do them in a half-assed manner, you’re just hurting yourself and your business.

I found this cool Niche Checklist that I thought you’d find useful. Download it here:

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Niche Checklist


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