Q&A with Carma: Online Marketing with e-zines and Facebook

by | Jul 6, 2015 | Building Relationships, Marketing & Selling, Video

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During this final excerpt from a presentation about online marketing, I answer questions about e-zines and Facebook. Both can be excellent tools for marketing your business and Facebook can also be used for marketing yourself as a job seeker, as well.

Highlights from this video include:

  • Offer an opt-in bonus that will entice visitors to your blog or website to subscribe to your e-zine. Then use your e-zine to follow-up, keep in touch and continuously educate, make offers to and engage your subscribers. You want to strike a nice balance between solid, educational, content and making offers.
  • Opt-in bonuses that are working well now are quick and easy to consume, such as a list of resources.
  • Re-purpose your efforts by “pushing” your blog posts to your subscribers.
  • Many business owners, and even some job seekers, are moving to keeping their profile protected and for close relationships only, while using Like pages to market themselves and their businesses.

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