Do you have pushy or possessive clients?

by | Apr 21, 2014 | Building Relationships, Video

Bad Clients Video Part 2
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When you tolerate bad behavior in your life or business, you block the flow of money. In this second excerpt of the April 4, 2014, episode of The C.A.P. Podcast, I share the first two warning signs of a bad client.

The two warnings signs I discuss in this video, in the podcast and in my free report are:

  1. Being too pushy, and
  2. Being to possessive

The first one is a pretty straight forward warning sign. Pushy people are not that much fun to work with.

However, the second can be seductive, so watch out. It can really stroke your ego to have someone want to hire you so much that you practically work full time for them. But, this can be a death knell for your business. You want a diversity of clients because you want a diversity of income channels. That way, when one dries up, you’re still covered by the others.


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