Power Thought: You are a gift

by | Jun 4, 2014 | Mindset, Power Thoughts, Self Discovey

Rhonda Britten
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“If you value yourself, you understand that you are a gift to anyone you meet.”
~ Rhonda Britten

What this quote means to entrepreneurial authors:
As the saying goes, we are all the students and we are all the teachers. If you believe that, then you know that you are a gift to anyone you meet.

But are you owning and valuing that gift that you are?

What does valuing yourself look like? Does it look like charging what you’re worth … or accepting what you think people can afford? Does it look like boldly marketing your books … or putting up a website and hoping people will stop by and buy a copy?

You are uniquely you because your gift to this world is uniquely yours. If you don’t give it, the world looses out.

But you can’t fully give your gift if you don’t value who you are, what you are capable of and your unique expression of those two things.

You are awesome. Yes, I’m talking to you … you ARE awesome. So own it already, will ya?

Own your awesome in all areas of your life and boldly claim your value to the world. Step up and speak your truths. Publish your books. Stand on stage and speak your message. Charge prices based on the value you bring, not the hours you give.

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OK. I’ll get off the soapbox now. So what are your thoughts? What is your reaction to Rhonda’s quote? How do you value yourself? How do you help others value their gifts? Where are you not stepping up and how can you start? Please share your thoughts and sage wisdom in a comment below.

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