Power Thought: Trust the love

by | Feb 19, 2014 | Mindset, Power Thoughts

walk toward what you love
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“…if you walk toward what you love each moment, you’ll always be in the light of your own making, and you’ll trust the journey you’re on. Don’t be afraid to visit what’s in your heart.”
~ Christa Reynolds
“The Camino,” Common Ground, December 2013/January 2014, pg. 14

What this quote means to entrepreneurial authors:
For the most part, people are happiest and at their most productive when they enjoy what they are doing. As an entrepreneurial author, your book and the business you build around it is what you’ll be spending most of your time doing … don’t you want that time to be be pleasantly spent?

When growing your business, whether be it by taking on a new client or adding a new product or service, consult your heart before saying “yes.”

If you don’t, you may take on clients that drive you batty. You may add products that drain your energy (and your bank account). You may move your business away from your “happy place” and into a place of frustration and resentment.

Does that mean that everything in your business must be blissful? Not necessarily … I’m not a big fan of gathering information to file my taxes, but it must be done. There will be things in your business that are not where your heart lies, but if the big things … the things that take up most of your time are, this will balance things out.

Keep a balance in your life by allowing your mind, your heart and your spirit to have a say in what you you do and how you do it.

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Now it’s your turn:
What is your stance on the advice “follow your bliss”? Do you let your heart have a say in your business? If so, what advice can you give to help others do so as well? If not, why have you made that choice? Please share your insights and wisdom in a comment below.


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