Power Thought: Stand in your power

by | Apr 2, 2013 | Power Thoughts

Glenn Morshower
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Glenn Morshower at Craig Duswalt’s Rockstar Entrepreneur Conference, March 2013

“We must quit portraying ourselves as pitiful. We must quit pretending we are lesser than we are.”
~ Glenn Morshower

What this quote means in business:
Why is that we so often hide our brilliance? That we dampen our own light and refrain from being our true selves?
Often it is because we are protecting those we love. We don’t them to feel bad if our light burns more brightly than theirs. Sometimes it is because we’ve been told that our light is dim and we’ve bought into the lie. Many times it is because we are afraid to truly fly. We are like baby birds standing on the edge of the next, afraid to step off and fly.
But each of us in brilliant in our own unique way. And the only way we can live up to our potential is to let our true light shine.
I know this is true because I have lived it. I have put a cap on my own brilliance. I’ have been afraid and kept safely away from my own power. And I have seen others do the same.

But I have made the commitment to step fully into my power, to stop pretending to be lesser than I am.
But I’ll be honest — this is not an easy path. That said, every time I face my fear and express my authentic self, it feels great — regardless of the outcome.
I suggest you take Glenn Morshower’s advice. Stop feigning pitifulness. Stop pretending to be less than you actually are. Stand in your greatness, whatever that greatness my be.

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Now its your turn:
What are you doing to support your brilliance, your genius? Are you using affirmative declarations? Positive self-talk in the mirror? Pushing yourself through your fears? Share your insights and suggestions in a comment below.


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