Power Thought: Focus on the good moments

by | Jan 22, 2014 | Mindset, Power Thoughts

Once Upon a Time, you need to look for the moments
EMMA SWAN: “I just can’t shake the feeling something bad is still going to happen and I need to do everything I can to stop it.”

DAVID NOLAN: “No, you can’t think like that.”

EMMA: “Why not? Bad things do keep happening.”

DAVID: “So do good things. But if you think like that, you miss out. There’s more to life than just looking for the next fight. You know, you need to look for the moments.”

EMMA: “Moments?”

DAVID: “Yes! Life is made up of moments. Good ones. Bad ones. But they’re all worth living.”

EMMA: “Well, I seem to be a magnet for the bad ones.”

DAVID: “All the more reason to look for the good moments in between the bad ones.”

From ABC’s Once Upon a Time, Season 3, Episode 10

What this quote means for entrepreneurial authors:
Many writers look at the life of an author and think the only way to make it is to make it big … be the second Stephen King or J.K. Rowling. But that isn’t necessarily so.

Yes, if you become so famous that your books just fly off the shelves in droves, you will make good money. But most authors make money from the things and activities having a book brings them.

Don’t dwell on the challenges of being an author if you want to have a successful business. Focus on the opportunities:

Books can attract speaking gigs that either pay on their own or lead to lucrative back-of-the room sales.

Books can attract coaching and consulting clients, both private and corporate. These clients can pay good money to tap into your expertise.

Books can lead to a variety of teaching opportunities, from professorships to leading your own workshops and seminars (both in person and virtually).

Entrepreneurial authors who really make a go of it are those who are constantly on the look out for the good moments, collecting them, pulling them together until they start attracting even more good moments. Soon your success becomes unstoppable, inevitable.

And it all starts with what you choose to focus on and think about.


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