Power Thought: Experience is wisdom

by | May 14, 2014 | Entrepreneurship, Mindset, Power Thoughts

Experience is wisdom
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Experience is wisdom.
~ The label on a Yogi Tea bag

What this quote means to entrepreneurial authors:
This past Sunday, I drank a cup of Yogi Women’s Raspberry Leaf tea with breakfast. This particular brand of tea includes a message on the label of each tea bag and that cup’s message was “Experience is wisdom.”

What a beautiful sentiment, I thought, and one that flows so well from my Power Thought for last week. When you look at every experience you have — whether positive or negative — as a way to increase the depth and breadth of your own personal wisdom, you can become a more engaging, wise and evolved person (IMHO).

If you really look at it, every experience you have is neither positive or negative, it just is. It is your perception or interpretation of that event that gives it a + or – sign.

For example, as I’ve mentioned before, my ex-boyfriend attacked me in March, resulting in an orbital fracture. On the one hand, I could interpret that as a negative experience. I was terrorized for several hours, I’ve had to go to numerous doctor appointments and have recently been diagnosed with PTSD. I can tell you, this has not been fun.

But I’ve chosen to look at it in a positive light. If that event had not happened, I would still be with that man. He was not the right man for me and was holding me back in many areas of my life. Since that event, I’ve learned a lot of things that will help me not only be a better person, but a better speaker, trainer and coach, as well. I’ve even experienced an increase in my income since March.

I think that terrifying event has had more positive influence on my life than negative. So, I’ve changed my commonly said phrase of “It’s all good” to “It may not be all fun, but it is definitely all good.”

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Now it’s your turn:
Do you believe that experience equals wisdom? Why or why not? How has your experience given you greater wisdom … or not? Please share your stories, thoughts and sage insights in the comment box below.


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