Power Thought: Become what you want

by | Apr 22, 2013 | Mindset, Power Thoughts

jim rohn
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“If you want to have more, you must become more.”
~ Jim Rohn

What this quote means in business:
I’ve heard it said that your bank account can only be as big as your money mindset will allow. Your beliefs about money affect your income level.

Therefore, if you want to have more — more money, more business, more anything, really — you need to become the person who would have more.

For example, if you are currently earning $50K per year and you want to make $100K per year, ask yourself what you would be doing differently if you were making that $100K per year now. Would you be making different decisions? Would your business present a different face to its customers/clients in any way? How can you start behaving like a $100K business now? In other words, how can you become more — show the universe you can handle more — right now?

And these changes in behavior don’t have to be big changes. For example, when I moved away from my husband a couple of years ago and started living on my own again, one strategy I did to save money was to do the laundry only when I ran out of underwear. That was about every three weeks. That also meant I was sleeping in the same sheets for three weeks.

As I started to make more money, I didn’t change this habit — for it had become just that, a habit. But it was a habit that told the universe I didn’t make enough money to do the laundry every week (which, by the way, would only cost me about $6 a month more than I was spending).

A friend brought this up to me and I thought, “duh!”. So I’ve started doing laundry every week again. I still only wash my clothes about every three weeks because it takes that long to have a large enough load to not be wasting water. But I do the sheets and towels religiously every week now. And it feels great! I’m now showing the universe I have plenty of money to do the laundry when it needs to be done and I no longer need to horde my laundry coins!

So back to you. Yes, there are things you can do with $100K a year that you can’t with only $50K. But, as I illustrated above, there are steps you can take with your $50K that think bigger and move you toward your more.

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Now its your turn: How are you acting smaller than you want to be? Are some of these behaviors merely habits and not necessary (like my laundry example)? How can you start acting bigger now? In what ways have you already started acting (and attracting) bigger? Share your ideas, insights and suggestions in a comment below.


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