Power Thought: A definition of courage

by | Aug 7, 2013 | Mindset, Power Thoughts

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Today’s Power Thought is not inspired by a quote, per se … but an answer to a question that was posed during a 30-day Bravery Challenge I’m participating in this month from my friend Cindy Ashton. Last Friday, she asked us to define what courage meant to us. This was my response:

“My definition of courage: feeling the fear and doing it anyway. Without fear, there is no courage. Brushing your teeth doesn’t take courage … unless you are afraid of toothbrushes or toothpaste. It is just something you do. But, if you are afraid of heights, going zip lining is a courageous act. Sometimes fear is a warning that what you are about to do could be dangerous. Sometimes it is merely a warning that you are about to step out of your status quo. When you feel fear, gauge which one it is and act accordingly.”

I’ve talked about how fear stops us from stepping into our power and owning our awesome before. And no matter how much we believe that fear is actually “false evidence appearing real” … it still gets the better of us at times.

And that’s OK. Fear is going to be there, whether you like it or not. Courage is not the absence of fear. It is facing fear and meeting it face on. It is looking fear in the face and shouting, “You don’t own me!”

If you feel no fear, then you cannot be brave.

How does this apply to your business? Take a look at the things you are not doing to promote yourself or grow your business. Are you not doing them out of fear? Is that fear warning you of danger? Or is it just trying to keep you in the status quo?

Fear is a tool your brain uses to control your actions. It helps prevent you from randomly jumping off cliffs and putting your hand on a hot stove. It also prevents you from doing new and different things. New and different is not necessarily dangerous … but your brain can’t know that on its own. It needs you to use your reasoning capacity to weigh the “dangers” perceived. Are they real or imagined?

Once you make that evaluation, you can act accordingly.

You can’t own your awesome if you hide behind your fear.


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