Podcasting Your Way to Products

by | Sep 12, 2009 | Creating Products

Creating audio products can be simple, fun and profitable. As I mentioned in a previous post, one way to create an audio product is to bundle together several podcasts into a compilation. This is a great way to give your newer prospects a taste of what you’ve shared before. And, even those who heard it the first time may purchase the compilation because it is more convenient for them packaged that way.

Another way to podcast your way to products is to create a continuity program that includes access to members-only podcasts. My friend, Arvee Robinson does this. And, because her expertise is speaking, it is a natural fit for her!

You can also create short-term podcasts that help people learn a specific topic. I’ve done this with a free ecourse I created about writing a simple business and marketing plan. Each lesson is in both written and audio format, so that people can ingest the information in a way that is most comfortable and convenient for them. It also helps me build up a relationship with the subscribers of the e-course and increases the perceived value of the course.


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