Podcasting and Public Relations

by | Sep 26, 2009 | Marketing & Selling

Have you heard of the Social Media Press Release?

Basically it is a version of the traditional press release that incorporates the interactiveness of Web 2.0. One way of doing this is by adding an audio component to the release. You could increase the breadth of your reach by adding audio to your public relations strategy. This is especially useful if public speaking is part of your marketing mix.

Here are some ways you can podcast your PR:

  • Create public service announcements.
  • Provide a clip from your latest speech.
  • Read an excerpt from your book.
  • Read an excerpt from an article you published in a prominent magazine, newspaper or journal.
  • Create an audio version of your bio.
  • Provide clips of you being interviewed.
  • Provide audio versions of your press releases.

What’s nice about modern public relations is that you don’t always have to depend on the media to get your word out … although it does help. What I mean is that you can now post your press releases … and your audios … online and ordinary folks will find them. So be creative in your public relations podcasting and you’ll be more likely to be successful.


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