Owning Your Awesome Even in Tough Times

by | May 6, 2016 | Mindset, Self Discovey, Video

Today, I’m coming out of the closet … so to speak. I’m sharing video of myself for the first time after the accident. I’m going to show you what Owning Your Awesome can look like.

Owning Your Awesome even in tough times
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You see, I’ve been reticent to shoot video since I was hit by a car this past February. I’m not happy with what has happened to my face — I have a scar down my forehead, my nose is pushed to one side, I’m missing two teeth and my lips aren’t the same either. On top of that, because my hand is still not working properly, I don’t put on make up because it is just too hard to clean my face.

But this morning I realized that I was doing everyone a disfavor by holding back. I was missing an opportunity to step up and truly Own My Awesome.

I am not my face. My business is not my face. My business is my message.

Owning Your Awesome isn’t something you do only when times are good. In fact, Owning Your Awesome is down right critical when times are tough. And believe, me times are not the best for me right now. They aren’t horrible … but they aren’t the best, either.

But that hasn’t stopped me from doing what I need to do. It hasn’t stopped me from moving forward on my wedding plans. It hasn’t stopped me from laughing and joking around with my fiance. It hasn’t stopped me from working on my dreams, my goals or my mission.

So why should it stop me from shooting video?


  1. norman

    Hey Carma:

    Maybe your Karma is to help others through glaring examples.

    I am so sorry to hear about the accident and your health situation. Life has its ways of putting challenges in front of us and yours is a doozie. (sp) I wish you a fast recovery and that nothing dampens your positive spirit. Your situation certainly makes me stop and take stock of myself and how blessed that I am.

    Wishing you all good things and a speedy recovery. Some folks have to recover on their own. You are blessed to have a fiance that loves and supports you.

    Happy Client,

  2. Andrea Feinberg

    Hi Carma,

    I hope this was cathartic as well as instructional. You’re navigating very difficult territory and I appreciate your candor and vulnerability.

    As Norman wrote, you’re lucky to have a superb support partner in place. Wishing you well, inside and out!


  3. Shirley Jones

    Love your video Carma and your message, you are very inspiring.


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